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Buy Backwoods Cigars Online – What are Backwoods Cigars – Backwoods History?

Firstly, What is a Backwoods blunt you ask? In short, a Backwoods blunt is weed rolled in 100% natural tobacco leaf. Like other cigars, Backwoods come in a variety of flavors, from Honey Bourbon to Sweet Aromatic.

Produced in 1973, these cigars have been around for decades but continue to maintain popularity in the smoking community.

Backwoods cigars are rustic looking smokes, made from all-natural tobaccos. Made in the Dominican, each smokes mild yet delicious, thanks to a combo of tasty elements that pair naturally well with natural tobacco flavor from the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. And now, the best part:

Backwoods cigars are a tried-and-true “go anywhere” cigar, making them a great pick for enjoying a cigar when you’re tight on time or don’t need to go knocking around with full-size premiums in your pocket. Find your favorite flavor – and order now!

What is a Backwoods Blunt – buy backwoods blunt online 

A Backwoods blunt in an all-natural tobacco leaf that people are using to roll and smoke marijuana. There are several popular sizes and flavors, which include original, honey, honeyberry, honey bourbon, and sweet aromatic.

There are a few blends that are limited edition and these are the Dark Stout and Banana flavors.

Backwoods cigars are somewhat between a cigarillo and a front leaf and are rolled differently than most cigars. Unlike a traditional cigar, you don’t need to cut down the middle of the cigar.

You simply unravel the Dankwoods blunt until the tightly packed tobacco spills out all at once.

Try A Backwoods Cigars  Again – How do backwoods taste and smell?

For many people, their first interest in cigar smoking came as a result of having one of the many different types of Backwoods cigars.

These are a machined rolled cigar and are a great price for anyone just getting started in their understanding of cigars or even for those who enjoy a great flavorful cigar that still allows the tobacco to take center stage.

Since the success of the Original Backwoods, the brand has branched out to include a number of different flavored and non-flavored mellow blends.

Backwoods Sweet Aromatic, Black N’ Sweet, Honey, Honey Berry, and even limited edition Backwoods like Honey Bourbon and Dark Stout have joined the ranks of the best selling machine-made cigars.

Backwoods cigars flavors – Backwoods Flavors – What are the various types of backwoods flavors available?

With an astounding range of flavors to choose from, both newbie and experienced cigar enthusiasts will have lots of choices to select from.

They are available in peach, grape, blueberry, tropical, wine, strawberry, cherry, regular, chocolate, sweet, white grape, and black, among other unique flavors.

For fruity, juicier options, smokers can choose the white grape, blueberry, peach, or strawberry packs. For those with discerning palates, the wine and chocolate flavors are great options.

These cigars are of mild strength. Depending upon the variant, they boast of ring gauges that are anywhere between 28 and 41. Their lengths, on the other hand, range from 3 ⅞ to 5 inches.

The brand offers both slim and hefty cigars, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. They come in resealable foil pouches that promise to retain freshness anytime you choose to store them. They first came into the market in 1958 and are now made in Jacksonville, Florida.

The rich, aromatic smoke of each cigar will gently allure your senses and relax you to the core.

Why do so Many People use Backwoods for Blunts ?

Although these cigars have a higher nicotine content than a lot of other brands, blunt aficionados see this as a perk. The combination of herb and nicotine delivers a different type of buzz.

Experienced smokers that have a tolerance to nicotine may find that they get a burst of energy and a slightly more elevated high after smoking on a Backwoods. Rookies with virgin lungs, however, could wind up with a serious case of the dizzies.

Are there cigars similar to Backwoods? Backwoods Competitions 

Yes, there are many cigars like Backwoods – but few do it this well. Backwoods cigars are offered in a sweet array of flavors to naturally pair with the all-natural tobaccos both inside and out.

These on-the-go smokes are right at home in the great outdoors – and packaged five to a foil pouch, they’re easy to toss in your glove box or tackle box for whenever you have the time to enjoy a cigar!

Sweet. Aromatic. The list goes on. Backwoods cigar flavors add a sweet twist to their mellow tobacco blend: Honey Berry matches honey’s sweetness with fresh berry; Backwoods Honey stays true with warm honey flavor.

Black & Sweet Aromatic smoke with a little more full flavor, while the Sweet Aromatic billows with a little more pipe-like sweetness. If you want to skip the Backwoods cigar flavors and soak in the all-natural taste, try the Backwoods Original – the classic, rustic cigarillo smoking experience. Backwoods Blunts!


Backwoods Cigars

Backwoods Cigars

Are Backwoods cigars good to roll a blunt in?

Backwoods are just natural tobacco leaves, wrapped around tobacco. No paper, no additives, all tobacco. Because of this, they add to the high in a very different way than most wraps. If you aren’t a regular tobacco consumer, the added effect of burning natural tobacco leaves with your cannabis is similar to smoking a spliff or sprinkling some loose leaf into a bowl.

In addition to cannabis being easier to access, blunt culture became much more apparent as I realized there is a clear division between those that combine their cannabis with cigar wraps and those that don’t.

Not only that, but there are sought-out flavors of Backwoods from around the world that have been discontinued, banned, or are only offered in certain countries.

These add an extra level to exclusivity and have even attracted the attention of the official Backwoods platforms, who regularly broadcast unauthorized third-party resellers.

So yeah, Backwoods are great cigars for blunts. They hold a lot of weed, the tobacco adds a specific high to the experience, and they taste great, especially if you’re smoking on discontinued/exotic Backwoods.

Backwoods Cigars Side Effects – Backwoods Research results 

Of the 415 respondents, 159 currently smoked cigarettes (38.3%) and 45 smoked blunts (10.8%). Of blunt smokers, 33 also smoked cigarettes (73.3%), with cigarettes being the first product used by 23 blunt users (69.7%).

None of those respondents who smoked both products stated that blunts were the first product used. The median number of blunts smoked per day was three (range 1–12) and the average age of initiation for blunt smoking was 17 years (+/− 2.8).

When compared with participants who smoked cigarettes but not blunts, fewer participants who smoked blunts were employed (26.7% vs 48.4%, p=0.012) and more blunt smokers were single (p=0.032) (Table 1).

Occupational smoking was less prevalent among blunt than cigarette users (3.8% vs 20.9%, p=0.045). The majority of blunt smokers (93%) stated that they had friends who also smoked blunts.

1. It’s Addictive. Backwoods and Swisher Sweets are in fact small cigars, or “blunts”, and are just as much addictive as cigarettes and they kill like cigarettes too.

2. It’s ALL Tobacco. A Backwood or Swisher Sweet typically consists of two main parts: the inner leaf, which is similar to a cigarette rolling paper, except it is made of tobacco, and a thicker outer leaf which is rolled around the inner leaf in a spiral.

3. It’s Not Safer. Despite what you may have heard cigar smoking isn’t safer than cigarette smoking, even if you don’t intentionally inhale the smoke.

Like cigarette smoking, cigar smoking exposes you to Nicotine. Cigars, like cigarettes, contain nicotine, the substance that can lead to tobacco dependence, multiple types of cancer, autoimmune disease, heart disease, blood diseases, lung disease, oral disease vision impairment, bone loss, and can affect the reproductive system.

4. You Can’t Interchange Your Risks. Switching from cigarette smoking to cigar smoking can be particularly harmful because you might inhale cigar smoke the way you inhaled cigarette smoke.

The more cigars you smoke and the deeper you inhale, the greater the risks. existing legal definitions of cigarettes to escape being regulated or taxed like cigarettes, making them much more available and affordable, especially to youth.

5. Numbers Don’t Lie. A study showed, 480,000 people die prematurely in the United States each year due to smoking tobacco or being exposed to tobacco smoke.

6. It Might Be A Scam. Many Swisher Sweets, also known as “small cigars” have the same size and shape as cigarettes, and, like cigarettes, are sold in packs of twenty, often with filter tips.

But these “little cigar” cigarettes exploit loopholes in existing legal definitions of cigarettes to escape being regulated or taxed like cigarettes, making them much more available and affordable, especially to youth.

7. They’re Marketing To Your Kids & You Don’t Even Know It. Much of the growing popularity of small cigars and cigarette-like “little cigars” comes from the explosive growth in flavorings, such as candy, fruit, chocolate, and various other kid attracting tastes.

Completed research on flavored cigarettes shows that they are being tried and used primarily by youth. A cigar retailer once commented, “The flavors attract customers.”

8. 1 Joint = 20. Researchers found that smoking only one joint is equivalent to 20 cigarettes in terms of lung cancer. While studies in the past have shown that marijuana can cause cancer, few have actually established a strong link between marijuana use and the actual incidence of lung cancer.

9. Weed & Tobacco Don’t Mix. Cigar wrappers contain tobacco and nicotine, which may interact with the cardiovascular and subjective effects of marijuana to produce a different set of effects and risks. So, in all actuality, you’re not getting the purest form of what you’re truly trying to partake in.

10. Black Men Should Take Extra Precaution. backwoods blunt Of all ethnic/racial and gender groups in the United States, African-American men are the most likely to develop lung cancer and also to die from the disease.

Overall, I learned a lot. First, if you smoke, the best thing you can do for your overall health is to just stop. End it now before you look back and you’re much older and your body can’t fight off diseases so easily. Know that help is available!

backwoods blunt

backwoods blunt