Backwoods Cigars Honey

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Backwoods Cigars Honey – What are Backwoods?

A balance of sweet honey and natural tobacco in just the right blend is what you get with Backwoods Honey cigars. These cigars were introduced in 1981 and were a success right out of the gate thanks to their short burn time and excellent taste and aroma. These cigars are made of all-natural tobacco that does not contain any homogenized elements and are wrapped in an Indonesian tobacco wrapper. The cigars are 4 ⅛ inches in length and have a ring gauge of 27.

Backwoods Honey cigars are renown due to their being budget-friendly and having an aromatic filler of natural tobaccos infused with honey flavorings. These cigars carry a unique look with a frayed end, unfinished head and tapered body. Backwoods Honey cigars hold great appeal for outdoor cigar smokers because of their rustic construction. The foil, airtight pouch helps preserve the cigar’s unique taste and aroma and are sold in 8 packs of 5 cigars each. The mild-bodied smoke and strong flavor are perfect for smoking with a glass of mild beer.

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9 reviews for Backwoods Cigars Honey

  1. Mina Howarth

    A little harsh but great

  2. Lyle Whittle

    Nice and tasty

  3. Cairo Baxter

    such an amazing taste

  4. Manpreet Gonzalez

    I really enjoyed the high was calming and happy

  5. Korey Barber

    Really love the smell and taste

  6. Lilith Harper

    good high too!

  7. Caden Keenan

    Very good

  8. Bailey Battle

    please restock

  9. Tiegan Deacon

    my girlfriend loves this strain

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